North Central Livestock Exchange Inc.

Clyde, Alberta
Cattle Auction Market

About Us

North Central Livestock Exchange Inc. (NCL) purchased the existing livestock market at Clyde, Alberta in February 2014. The market is independently owned and operated by local rancher, Leonard Hrehorets, who has 25 years’ experience at this market. Although your first thought may be change, we remain the same experienced staff with a desire to serve all your present and future livestock marketing. Our greatest hope is that we serve not only our present loyal customers but that we continue to grow with new.

At NCL we run regular weekly sales every Tuesday starting at 9:00 am. In addition. we will run feature Bred Cow sales, Purebred sales and Special sales on Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the year. Our buyers' market goes far into eastern Canada and extends down into the northern United States. View our sale calendar or contact us today?

North Central Livestock Exchange Inc. is the largest cattle auction market in Canada. We are located 65 km north of Edmonton, Alberta, in the center of the highest concentration of Cow-Calf pairs per acre in Canada. Our field reps look after the market needs of all of northern Alberta, northeastern British Columbia, and parts of northern Saskatchewan. Our professional sales staff includes experienced field reps, order buyers, and champion auctioneers. We have staff available seven days per week, September through April.

REGULAR SALES EVERY TUESDAY, including PRESORT SALES during the Fall & Spring. We also offer live internet auctions through DLMS. For more information regarding any of our marketing options, please contact the market.