North Central Livestock Exchange Inc.

Clyde, Alberta
Cattle Auction Market


North Central Livestock is the largest cattle auction market in Canada. We are located 65 km north of Edmonton, at Clyde, Alberta on the junction of Highway 2 and Highway 18. Our sorting facility is state of the art, and we can sort up to 7,500 head of cattle during fall run. This includes regular cattle and one-owner show pens. Feed and water pens are available for up to 4,000 head of cattle. Tagging and processing services are also available.

Our new sorting system will increase our weighing capacity, putting less stress on your cattle, getting them weighed faster with less stand & wait time, therefore putting more pounds in your cattle. This sort barn will focus on ranchers and farmers that have large group of cattle to be placed in show pens featured throughout the presort.

Our new & existing feed pens are nicely bedded with clean fresh straw, round bale feeders are filled with good hay. Our friendly & trained staff is ready to work for you, the producer, in a professional manner. If there is ever any questions about how the presort and show pens work, or even on what we do here at the market – do not hesitate to call Len Hrehorets at 780-991-6737 or Levi Pedgerachny 587-987-1252.

At NCL Clyde we thank everyone for the past patronage and business! We look forward to serving you in all you cattle marketing needs. Give us a call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! See you at sale day.

The management and staff at NCL Clyde.


North Central Livestock Exchange Inc. Clyde, Alberta offers cattle for sale to local, national and international feeders, order buyers and packing plants.

The end users of the animals are reacting to the increased media attention to B.S.E. (mad cow disease), requiring us to provide certification that the animals we sell have met regulatory requirements.

In order to accommodate our buyers we must obtain a letter of compliance from all of the producers selling cattle through our market.

North Central Livestock Exchange Inc. Clyde, Alberta apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause but believes that anything we can do to ensure confidence in our livestock benefits the entire industry.

Please sign and return a “Feed Compliance Agreement” in person or mail to:

North Central Livestock Exchange Inc. / PO Box 119, Clyde, AB TDG OPO


  1. Prohibited feed must be identified with a proper label and avoid using any of this prohibited feed in cattle rations.
  2. Any feed suspected of containing prohibited ingredients, should not be accepted. Buy feed products only from companies that comply with CFIA rules and have an acceptable food safety program (Recommended by the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada.)
  3. If you mix feed for both cattle and non-ruminant animals (such as hogs and poultry) and you use prohibited material in the non-ruminant feed, you must follow good manufacturing practices such as:
  4. Either use a completely separate mixer for the cattle feed or/
  5. Carefully clean out your mixer and any other equipment in contact with to be sure no prohibited material contaminates the cattle feed. Even if you do not mix your own feed, but purchase feed for both cattle and non-ruminants, you must take steps to make sure that any prohibited material intended for your non-ruminant animals is not accidentally fed to your cattle.

If you have any questions you can reach our main office at (780) 348-5893