North Central Livestock Exchange Inc.

Clyde, Alberta
Cattle Auction Market

Cow Extravaganza Sale at NOON






12:00 pm


December 3rd at NOON at North Central Livestock Exchange in Clyde


Contact your local field representative for more information or if you have any questions.

Bidding will be available on and in person at North Central Livestock in Clyde.

A complimentary Beef on a Bun lunch will be available. 

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Don Hollingworth 

20 Black cows

Bred black angus 

Home raised

Full vaccination program

Start calving May 1. 

16 coming with their 3rd calf. 

4. Coming with their 2nd. 


Dean Hollingworth 
80 red angus/ simmental cross cows. 

45 of these cows are 3rd & 4th calvers.

Start calving April 1. 

Exposed for 60 days. 

Bred to Simmental and simmental/angus cross bulls that have been selected for performance and moderate birth weights. Full vaccination program. Steer calves averaged 630 lbs November 1.




Complete dispersal for Floyd & Cheryl Fedun

136 Simmental/Angus cross cows bred back to simmental and red angus bulls to start calving Feb 1st. Cows have had Viralshield 6, Ivermectin and Scour Bos 9 Oct 15th.

The herd consist of

30 second calvers

25 third calvers

35 fourth calvers

16 fifth calvers 

30 mature calvers.

2- 2 Year old Red Angus Bulls

2- 2 Year old Simmental Bulls


Complete dispersal for Philip Leonty

70 simm/angus cross cows (red,rbf,rwf) bred back to simmental bulls to start calving March 5 , cows are on full herd health program.



Clem Dechant

120 blk/red x cows.

Start calving April 20. Bred back Angus/Simmental

Reputation set of home raised cows.





Dave Turko

70 bred hfrs 3/4 red simantal and 1/4 angus big bodied hfrs bred back to red angus bulls home raised,full herd health calving feb 6th


Raymond & Laverne Nendze

70 ang/sim cross cows and 30 bred hfrs 25-1st calvers,20-2nd calvers,10-3rd calvers,15- mature cows bred back to red and black bulls full herd health and all cows are home raised also 30 bred hfrs bred back to red and black angus bulls all calving for February 10


Al Nikipelo 


285 Char/Ang/Simm Cross Herd

Cows bred to Charolais Bulls for APR 1st Calving

Heifers bred to Low BW Red Angus for MAR 15th Calving

1st- 70


3rd- 67

4th- 44

5th- 29

6th- 22

94 Blk Ang/Blk Simm Cross Herd

Cows bred to Blk Ang/Blk Simm Bulls for APR 1st Calving

Heifers bred to Low BW Blk Angus for MAR 15th Calving

1st- 20

2nd- 19

3rd- 17

4th- 14

5th- 17

6th- 7


Complete Dispersal for George Zadunayski

47 Simmental/Red Angus cross cows bred back to Simmental and Red Angus bulls

Start calving March 24

This young herd consist of

9 - 2nd Calves

11 – 3rd Calves

15 – 4th Calves

7 – 5th Calves

5 – 6th Calves

Steer average 618lbs on October 11

This is a great set of cows that calve on their own.