North Central Livestock Exchange

Clyde, Alberta
Cattle Auction Market

Christmas Cow Sale at NOON




12:00 pm


DECEMBER 17th at NOON at North Central Livestock Exchange in Clyde




Contact your local field representative for more information or if you have any questions.


Bidding will be available on and in person at North Central Livestock in Clyde.


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Hazel Bluff Angus

Herd reduction of 60 Angus cows, 22 of these cows are bred Charolais, balance are bred Angus.

Start calving February 15


Macintosh Livestock

40 Home raised black Angus heifers bred back to black Angus bulls to start  calving February 20. These are a powerful set of big fancy home raised heifers that are bred to easy calving bulls. On November 21, heifers had Express 5, 8 way and Ivomec.



Dun Rite Stock and Stables

10 bred heifers, Gelbvieh Angus X and Angus/Maine X. Heifers we’re AI’d on a timed CDIR program to PM payweight 157’19 or PM Tribute 128’20 to start calving February 15. Heifers have had Bovi Shield Gold FP, Ultra Choice 8, Ivomec and Scourguard 4KC


Jared May

80 2nd calving cows bred back angus for May 1st calving


Lorne & Janet Ivey

Herd reduction. 40 +- Simmental Angus cows bred Swantewitt Simmental. 11 bred heifers bred Hazel Bluff Angus. All born and raised on farm . Vaccinated Scourbos 9, Virashield 6 and Tasvax 8. Bred to calve starting Feb. 8, 2023.




Herd Reduction for Dave Daly

65 Angus and Angusx cows bred back to Charolais, simmental and red angus  bulls for April 1 calving , These are young to middle age cows.


Dispersal for John Dirks 

25 Red and Black Angus/ Simm cows bred Blk Angus for March 15 calving.


Anchor 1 Angus

Offering 40, Red and Black Angus commercial heifers bred back to easy calving, stylish, home raised Angus bulls for April/May calving.  These heifers are extremely quiet and easy to handle and will make tremendous momma cows.


Cody and Lacey Hrehorets / CLH Farms 

220 Red cows. 200 cows are 6 yrs old and younger. Bred to K Bar Charolais easy calving bulls. 6 bulls will be here for sale   Full herd health   Calving April 20th


Gavin Penson

40 black angus cows 

Herd dispersal 

Full vaccination program 

Bred Black Angus 

Start calving mid February 


Jason McElroy

40 Homeraised simmental heifers bred back to low birth weight red and black angus bulls to start calving March 1 , 60 day breeding, These are big fancy heifers weighing 12-1300lbs that have had ivomec and cattlemaster.