North Central Livestock Exchange Inc.

Clyde, Alberta
Cattle Auction Market

Bred Cow & Hfr Sale at Noon






12:00 pm


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Dave Cherniwchan 

100 Bred Hfr Angus and angus Simmental cross bred back to angus

Calving April 8 

Full vaccination program


Jim and Wendy Bodnar

Major herd reduction selling 140 Black Angus and Black Simmental Cross cows. Bred back to Simmental and Angus bulls.

Start calving April 12

Jim is selling the young end of his cow herd and only keeping a few of the older cows at home. Tremendous set of young cows on offer.


Bryan Lyons

20 Black Angus heifers bred back to Angus bulls to start calving end of March. These are big framey weighing 1200lbs plus.