North Central Livestock Exchange Inc.

Clyde, Alberta
Cattle Auction Market

Cow Extravaganza Sale @ Noon






12:00 pm


Complete Dispersal ONLY. Contact your field rep to book cattle in.


David Turko

1 ST & 2ND Calvers 46

3rd & 4th Calvers 40

5 year & 8 year old cows - 124

Total of 210 Cows

6 bulls Purebred Red Simmental Bulls polled 85lbs to 100 lbs. Birth Weight. They are Spring Lake, Porter or Crossroad Bulls.

Cows have full herd health, Scour guard Program, IBR/BVD, Ivomec.

Bull went out April 15th Start Calving Jan 20. All Home raised, no brands


Hilton Malner Dispersal

75 Limo Angus Cross Cows

Bred to Limo or Simmental Bulls

February 10 Calving

Full Herd Health


18 Limo Angus Cross Heifers

Bred to Red Angus Low birth weight Bulls Feb 10th Calving Full Herd health on November 27th. Cows will be receiving the following shots Scourbos 9, Black leg shot & Ivomec These are reputable home raised cows and heifers.